The majority of the adults, which were raised in the 1970's and 80's, grew up in a time which the place to turn to for assistance were our local Churches and Mosques.  The Churches left the front doors open to the sanctuary, so people could go in and pray. or get shelter from the elements.  I do not remember when the change happened, but I know it was a necessary part of the community and there was respect for our Spiritual leaders.  I am not a Muslim, but I have many friends and family members which are Muslim.  The Mosque has a call to prayer 5 times a day, and the Imam is available for fellowship daily.  I believe the Spiritual leaders are doing there role, but are the residents of the community accepting the help, or the advice which is available.  It appears to me that our community would prefer to avoid GOD's law, and life healing Word and seek the comfort and disfunction of drugs, alcohol, deception, and murder.  We need to give our Spiritual leaders the chance to help us at all times, and not just when there is a situation which occurs that we feel we need help with.  If we seek good advice and prayer fellowship before we act out in violence, I believe we will have a different result in our lives.  There is no perfect situation, but if we put as much time and energy into doing what is right and not what we think is right, but we know it is wrong, our children will bury us and we won't bury our children.  ONE!!!!!