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It is time for Urban America to stop making excuses for the mistreatment, which the community receives on a daily basis.  We have to be accountable for our own actions, and stop looking for someone to point the finger at.  There were more deaths on the streets of America in 1 year than the amount of American soldiers, who were killed during a 10 year war.  Our community has to stop looking to make complaints to City Hall, the Mayors and any government official.  I always here people in our communities saying that they were victims of police brutality, or  how they were mistreated in a public office, which they went to for assistance.  We must realize here in 2012, that our energy is pointed in the wrong direction.  We continue to try and get in these public officials offices, but there is little success.  The only solution to a dilemma of this proportion, is to speak directly to ourselves.  We must stop looking to these so called leaders of our communities for support, because they have an agenda which is not in Urban Americas best interest.  The average tree takes approximately 100 years to grow to full maturity.  The continent of Africa has sovereign nations, which took approximately 10 years to emancipate themselves.  How is it that our community is still fighting almost the exact same issues that our parents and grandparents fought 50-60 years ago.  I will give you an example of the agenda, which our so called leaders will sell themselves out for and in the process sell us too.  In 1977, Rev. Jessie Jackson made a quote that birth control and planned parenthood are planned cultural genocide, which is directly aimed to eliminate black people in the world.  This same so called leader supported Pro Choice when he ran for president on the Democratic ticket in 1984.  I am going to close with this.  In the late 1960s and early to mid-1970s, there was a plot to put birth control in the drinking water.  If the government would turn to accepted policies to alter the life cycle of our community then, what makes us believe that there is not a plan now.  After all, we mock drug abusers, but we don't look at the true facts.  There goes 1 less black mother, or father, or lawyer, or doctor, or banker, or PRESIDENT in the world.  

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                                                                                               Monday July 16, 2012

                                                             THE CURSE!!!!!

The mention of a 4 letter word, or words which we have been conditioned to believe are curse words, are not the real curse words.  These words have no control over the destiny, or mental future of a person.  The true curses are in our actions, and those other popular words we speak to a person.  When a parent deliberately stands on the side of 1 child over the other, it creates the first social divide for that child, a curse.  If a parent tells his or her child that he or she is worthless, and they will never amount to anything of value in life, that is a curse.  We must stop judging and using destructive language with one another, and begin to reinforce the positive aspects of an individual. Martin Luther King Jr. said, "JUDGE ME FOR THE CONTENT OF MY CHARACTER, NOT BY THE COLOR OF MY SKIN."  Well, we as a society need to stop judging a person by their choice of dress, or their hair style, or their past criminal record and begin to really learn a person and what that person has to offer.  The last time I looked, it appears to me that most of the crimes that affect our lives on a meaningful level are committed by men and women in designer suits and dresses.  I am not siding with criminals, but we have to stop cursing our community for committing petty crimes and offences, while we let the lawmakers slide with statements like, HE WAS JUST DOING HIS JOB.  A crime is a crime, a sin is a sin, and a lie is a lie.  Urban America, stand up for your community with positive influences at every opportunity and I can say without a doubt we will see a change.  Parents, if you have 4 children then you have 4 different people in your home.  Stop encouraging your children to be like his or her sibling, because life is about diversity.  If everyone in your house has the same theory, then what is there to build on.  How will that person know how to deal with an individual outside of their home if everything is one way? That person will never learn to make an independent decision in life.  He or she will always call someone else to get their support on an issue, which could be life changing and they may regret the end result.  Remember to treat each child as an individual, according to his or her personality.  We have to start building confident leaders, and not vein, arrogant followers.    PEACE!!!!!

                                                                                      Monday July 23, 2012

                                                     WHAT WE LEARN

The first teachers of children are the parents, which means that the way we live our lives at home are the beginning stages of our child's development.  If there is bad conflict resolution, or no resolution at all in the home, then the children in that house will more times than not grow into the same type of adults whom they see everyday.  If the conflicts in our homes are resolved with violence, again our children will learn to resolve their issues outside of the home with violence.  If mom and dad sit around drinking and smoking weed, or any other negative behavior, more times than not the children will believe that this is normal behavior.  The examples, which I listed earlier in this passage are not evident until our children begin school, or he/she visits their friends home and they see a different side of life.  Parents, we must remember that our children are simply sponges and video recorders.  How do I sit in front of my child with a beer in my hand, a blunt in my mouth, yelling at his/her mother with those famous 4 letter words and tell my child he/she better do well in school and not to get into trouble? The old saying, "do as I say, not as I do" is dead and needs to finally be buried.  There are no perfect scenarios in life, but we have to stop creating a worse scene than the one which already exists.  Ladies, if your man is a drug abuser, or alcoholic, or a drug clerk and you are constantly at odds with his lifestyle, you are the only person who can change your situation.  If you meet a man with children, and he tells you he never spends anytime with his children because of that child's mother, don't think that your relationship with him will be any better.  Men, if you meet a woman and she says I tax my baby's daddy, not father, for everything he has and I try to make his life miserable, don't think that if you have a child by her it will be any different.  We have to start taking our first conversation with a person for what it is, an introduction to who that person is.  These are a few examples of  the lessons, which we teach our children without sitting them down in a classroom, or even speaking directly to the child.  Let's work on ourselves first, which will make it easier to work with our children second.  PEACE!!!!!

                                                                                        Monday August 6, 2012